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Posted on 2011.06.11 at 21:57
The TARDIS is humming along brilliantly, and Ace is kicking back, perched on the edge of the control console while she waits for the end of their trip.

A bit of warm Italian sun will be brilliant. Plus? Gelato. Win!

Posted on 2010.03.21 at 22:48
Ace is, in a phrase, Not Best Pleased. It's not that she's unfamiliar with mental constructs as computing devices - her universe (this universe, this post-war universe she probably will never visit again except by proxy) is full of them. Cybermen, the Matrix on Gallifrey, that freakishly disturbing... person, on the Gamestation... This is not a new idea.

This is the first time, however, she's been inside one.

She doesn't much like it. However, she doesn't think it's terribly polite to say so. Besides, she did (sort of) ask for this - they could have just as well gone to find the books in question up in the library in the bar. While she did (sort of) promise Spoon she'd keep as well out of trouble in the bar as she could, she wouldn't have minded a crack at the vampire she's heard rumored that has started hunting up there.

But River seemed so excited about the idea. Not that Ace can blame her - she feels the same way when someone says they'll come along on a trip in the TARDIS.

She'll just... keep her mouth shut. Smile and nod, Time Lord. Smile and nod.

You love me anyway
Posted on 2010.02.20 at 22:13
Ace is humming happily in her TARDIS' control room, a mug of cocoa steaming on a flat bit of paneling, as she decides where they're off to next. Sure, it's fantastic traveling around with her husband.

But sometimes?

There's a need for sibling time.

Posted on 2009.09.26 at 20:05
Ace groans.

That... landing... did not go well.

On the grand scale of landings, it's somewhere near 'Hindenburg', right behind 'Admiral Kirk blows up his own damn ship'.


cheetah gold
Posted on 2009.08.16 at 22:01
A door opens into the cool Yorkshire evening.

Now, Yorkshire has seen it's share of scary lately - how many other shires have two werewolves living there full-time?

But this is something different.

This is a Cheetah who is pissed enough to not care about losing it anymore.

Just... don't run, okay? Don't run. She'll go for you if you run.

Posted on 2009.06.18 at 21:24
The last scrimmage... didn't go well.

It wasn't really expected to go well, but... it went spectacularly unwell.

The word 'catastrophe' came up once. Or twice.

Or quite a lot more.

So after the debriefing, which was endless, and handing a list of repairs off with the mechanics, which was nearly as endless, Ace has decided to take a bit of a holiday.

The fact that this includes a bonfire, well. People believe she's a little bit barbaric anyway.


Milliways 42 - Kitchen

Posted on 2009.06.18 at 00:54
Growing up, Ace didn't have much in the way of memories surrounding the kitchen.

Not good ones, anyway.

Mum didn't really cook, and neither did da. Endless take-away and vegemite sandwiches don't really leave that much of an impression. There was the incident with the coffee mugs, but Ace doesn't talk about that, just like how she doesn't explain how she came by the scar over the back of her right shoulder.

Food got scarce in the kitchen, at the end, when she resorted to dipping into her own paycheck to make sure there was something in there other than the vaguely green bread that'd gone off some time during the start of the Cold War.

That's why the Wells kitchen had been something of a revelation. It had food, both in its more elemental form, and in the delicious creations Annie whipped up. And it wasn't just that.

There were family breakfasts (and lunches, and dinners, when everyone was there and not moonstruck). There were down-and-dirty card games, with chores used as chips. There were cups of tea when things went to hell. There was one memorable night (afternoon, to be very honest) when everyone was out except she and Spoon... and the smirking from elder Wells for the rest of the bloody month. There was midnight raiding parties, cookie-making attempts between pyro and daughter, a food-fight Annie had smacked them all for, and...

And it was good.

Which might be why, after the longish sort of day Ace has had, trying and failing to patch together her brother, she pauses on her way to the stairs and sits, a bit limply, in one of the kitchen chairs.

Or maybe she just needed a place to sit, before falling on the floor became her only option.

Either way, the chair and the table are comfortable enough that when her husband comes down to investigate, she's sound asleep.

Posted on 2009.05.28 at 20:05
Ace is learning, the hard way, that not only are manual materializations a bitch and a half to run, doing multiples thereof in a short span of time is proving somewhat impossible.

It shouldn't be. She can prove it on paper.

It's bloody frustrating. She and Skrith have been over and over it, arguing, ripping the theory apart and putting it back together in a kaleidoscope of fashions and, on one memorable night, they got ridiculously drunk (Ace had the absinthe) over it.

Yes, that would be the night they managed to sneak past the MPs and paintballed Romana's TARDIS.

G'on. You know you think it's hilarious. Besides, what were you lot expecting when allowing two cats to hang out together for a prolonged period of time?

But beyond earning a reputation for being more than a little insane as a fighter and tactician, she's earning a reputation of being... a little unpredictable. Not that anyone's running on an even emotional keel these days, but more than one person has had their heads bitten off by a suddenly growly pyro.

Ace's TARDIS, and those of a dozen of her better pilots, shudder into existence in the ranks. Ace steps out first, and peers up at the top of her TARDIS, scowling, before disappearing back inside.

Guessing by the way the other pilots avoid Ace's TARDIS like the plague? It's a grumpy night. She comes back out eventually, with equipment to scale up to the top of the ship and find out what's still smoldering up there.

say what?
Posted on 2009.05.25 at 18:42
Ace hums as she works, off-key as always, but that's alright. There's no one here to be tortured by it. Even Magic is at the farm just now, since this is only a quick jaunt to straighten out a few bugs with the temporal brake. Now she knows why the Doctor was always rooting around in the innards of his TARDIS - the amount of upkeep these machines need is somewhat ridiculous.

With this calm, peaceful atmosphere, she should be grateful she doesn't actually crack her skull open when the cloister bell rings, deep and sonorous and not at all conducive to said peaceful atmosphere.

Barbarian cheerleader
Posted on 2008.12.24 at 13:59
Ace is nothing if not persistant. And Christmas really is her very favorite holiday (even if she can't quite get behind the religion of it all).


She's going to make another attempt at sharing her fondness of the Christmas season.

We're so sorry, Lissar.

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